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07 janvier 2019 - 09:44

Photo d'une enseignante du British Council avec ses élèves

If you want to teach English, the internationally recognised CELTA qualification is the ideal first step.

George Wilson, our Teacher Training Coordinator, is here to explain what makes our CELTA course so unique. 

I have the most fantastic job in Paris. I genuinely believe that the British Council’s CELTA courses are second to none and being responsible for them is a privilege. Today I’d like to share with you what makes our courses so special. So here are the top 5 reasons to sign up for our upcoming July CELTA course as the best way to launch your teaching career.

1. Quality

“The tutors delivered practical seminars in an inspiring way which enabled me to really put the theory into practice.” James Newnham

Our CELTA courses are delivered by highly-trained and experienced professionals. We work on a wide range of courses and this helps us engage with current developments in English Language Teaching and constantly challenges us to be at our best. Our goal is to convey our passion for our subject through our CELTA courses, putting all our energy and expertise into making them as enriching and inspiring as possible. 

2. Giving back

“The volunteer students were the highlight of the course. Their dedication, friendliness and patience were truly inspiring.” Patrick Thompson

The British Council is more than a language school. As the United Kingdom’s cultural agency we promote integration and exchange and our CELTA courses are a key part of that. In our centre, the students you’ll be teaching are migrants and refugees. We offer them the classes for free as part of our outreach programme so as to enhance their employability and help them feel welcome and respected in France. These classes mean the world to the students and this makes each CELTA course a really memorable experience.

3. British Council community

“The opportunity to meet and observe experienced teachers at work during the BC's summer courses was a great help, as it grounded in reality the methods and skills taught throughout the course.” Patrick Thompson

Being a part of our teaching centre for a month will give you a real taste of what it’s like to be a teacher in a world-class institution. During the course, you’ll be observing real adult classes led by our highly-experienced teachers and you’ll have a chance to chat with them as well as to get an inside look at what life as a teacher is like. 

4. Employability

“The British Council CELTA course opened doors to employment opportunities at universities and language schools who value the esteemed reputation that the British Council holds in this field.” James Newnham

The British Council is arguably the most respected teaching institution in the world and our CELTA graduates go on to teach in a wide range of contexts, countries and institutions. Some even get the chance to work for us directly after the course, in which case we help them build on their experience and flourish in their future careers.

5. Paris is always a good idea

“Teaching in those classrooms with such a beautiful view constantly reminded me that I was in the most beautiful city of all:  Paris!” Ioanna Ciodaru 

 The month during which you do your CELTA is certainly an intense one, but life doesn’t seem quite so hard when you’re surrounded by the monuments of the most beautiful city on Earth.

I hope that you’ve seen why I love our CELTA courses—after all, I really do have the best job in Paris!

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