photo of teenagers learning English at the British Council

This intensive course is delivered face-to-face. Check out the additional health and safety measures we have put in place. In case of confinement, this course will be delivered online by our expert teachers.


These intensive courses are aimed at reviewing and extending the vocabulary, grammatical structures and skills of the French national curriculum for lower and upper secondary pupils.

Our method allows each child to learn and progress at their own pace. Children are encouraged to interact with each other in English.

Students will be given opportunities to speak and write in English and will work in pairs and in groups. They will develop project-based work in an interactive and stimulating environment. 

Children and teens learning with the world's English experts will: 

  • be encouraged to produce the language they have learnt, thereby enabling greater spoken fluency and so build confidence when speaking.
  • develop their vocabulary
  • improve their pronunciation
  • develop their reading and listening skills.

Class dates and fees

School year Dates Fees
Collégiens and lycéens


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