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M. Wright

Improve your English by participating in a free MOOC from the British Council. Choose from many options including courses about language and culture, the workplace, understanding language learning, and becoming a better teacher. The British Council's Massive Online Open Courses can help you practise your English skills while learning about interesting subjects. 

Exploring English: Language and Culture

Improve your English by examining English in use and British culture. Based on the British Council’s high-quality language learning content, this free MOOC gives you the chance to practise your skills online, to engage with people all over the world, to improve your English and to develop your understanding of British culture.

English for the Workplace

This free MOOC takes you through scenarios such as job applications, interviews, and starting work. The course is for people who are interested in developing English language skills for employability and workplace contexts. It will help job seekers and young professionals with the English they need.

How to Succeed in the Global Workplace

The free MOOC is highly participative and includes articles for you to read, videos to watch and interactive material with tips to help you feel confident about entering the workplace. You’ll see videos from employers from small, medium and global organisations, giving you insights from around the world into what they look for from their new employees. You’ll learn how to communicate effectively across cultures in a professional way and discover the skills to build and maintain relationships with colleagues, managers and clients.

Understanding Language: Learning and Teaching

What is language? How do we learn meaning in a new language? What is easy and hard about learning another language? And what is the best way to teach other languages? Learn about the latest ideas, research and practice in language learning and teaching with this free online course. 

Understanding IELTS

Prepare for success in the IELTS Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening tests with these four courses from the British Council.