Banksy in Newy York

Gemma Evans (Unsplash). Banksy in New York.

Thursday 27 January 2022 - 15.15
Online Seminar

Come and take part in this exciting online seminar focusing on Cities and Cultures.

This event is part one of a series of three dedicated to “The Knowledge Diplomacy and Cities Series”, bringing leading experts, institutions, and students together to take part in an exciting conversation on the emerging concept of Knowledge Diplomacy.  
Culture is part of a wider city narrative, but it is too often labelled as a ‘sector’ when it is a much wider concept that embraces everyone and everything in society.

Their capacity for regeneration allows cities to be long-lived and survive more formal, closed systems, such as nation-states. Today, cities are key sites for the making of new norms and identities, for cultural and institutional change and for their emergence as ‘smart cities’, as sites and models of innovation, where there are opportunities for developing digital cultural services and evolving new strategies for our increasingly connected world. Debates about ‘cultural policy’ therefore may be too limited when considering the future. 

What impact will these digital cultural innovations have on knowledge creation and exchange? What roles will universities, cultural organisations and networks, cities play, and how will the local and the global transform each other as we move towards the metaverse? 


There will be a panel discussion with speakers from or working in the three cities:
  • Paris: Anne Duncan, President and Director, British Council France
  • Berlin: Patrick Föhl, Founder and Director, Network for Cultural Consulting
  • London: John Newbigin, Ambassador for the Creative Industries, Mayor of London and Visiting Fellow, Institute for Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship (Goldsmiths, University of London) 
This new seminar series is a collaboration between the University of London (London and Paris), British Council France and GermanyGoethe Institut, and is supported by ICR Research.