Jesse Darling  Gravity Road, 2020
Jesse Darling, Gravity Road, 2020Acier, sacs de sable, terre, fleurs, bandage élastique, revêtement métallique470 × 580 × 1,620 cmCourtesy de l’artiste et des galeries ArcadiaMissa, Londres et Sultana, Paris
Thursday 03 November 2022 to Sunday 14 May 2023
CAPC Bordeaux

In Capc’s nave, Barbe à Papa (French for cotton candy or candy floss) is an exhibition that could be defined as a travelling fairground’s shadow, slowed down and in the process of dismantling.

The exhibition gathers works by more than 50 artists – sculpture, installation, video, painting and performance – sharing material, formal or cultural ties with fairgrounds’ components. Artworks are thus made from air, electricity, steel and plastic but also sugar and oil.

Barbe à Papa is equally the attempt to bring the fairground and the exhibition together, to better understand their shared mechanisms, but also ask the question: what can the museum learn from the funfair today? Is an artwork, always, an attraction?

Curator : Cédric Faucq.

This exhibition is supported by the Franco-British programme  Fluxus Art Projects to support the participation of UK artists Chila Burman, Matt Copson, Jesse Darling, Ghislaine Leung, Russell Perkins et Vivien Zhang.

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