Jonny Cotsen
Thursday 10 December 2020 to Sunday 13 December 2020
Théâtre de la Ville, Espace Cardin

Jonny Cotsen is a dad, a consultant, and Welsh. And he draws. Nearly your average man on the street. Except that he was born deaf. Among other uses of his many talents, he coaches hearing people to better integrate deaf people.

Recently, he has begun appearing on stage to play a character a lot like him, who tells us about his experiences with education, football, sex, clubbing, and relationships with hearing people. Yes, he speaks! Like so many deaf children, he was forced to learn to speak, but he also uses live writing and sign language.

With his accent, his style and his oh-so British caustic sense of humour, Cotsen allows us to understand the daily life of a deaf person. He also does not hesitate to share with us his perspective on those hearing people who have a tendency to treat him like a half-wit.

This facetious, moving, and instructive one-man-show will encourage the deaf and hearing people brought together in a single audience to understand that a handicap can be made into an asset.


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