Monday 15 June 2020 to Tuesday 15 September 2020

Building on the success of Five Films For Freedom, the annual digital programme run by the British Council and BFI, More Films For Freedom brings you three new commissioned short films exploring LGBTIQ+ stories. The films were made by British, Syrian, Palestinian and South African filmmakers.

We're making them available online throughout the summer, when many Pride celebrations have been postponed this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as a way of linking and celebrating LGBTIQ+ communities everywhere. 

The films 

Nowhere (2020) directed by Christopher Manning
A young Palestinian woman crosses the Israeli border illegally to find her long-lost brother, discovering the truth behind his exiled existence.

The Men Who Speak Gayle (2020) directed by Andrew Brukman
Young drag performer Nathan is one o the last people to speak Gayle – a secret language the gay community were forced to invent during Apartheid.

Let My Body Speak (2020) directed by Madonna Adib
Our bodies store memories. The body does not forget. A childhood in Damascus, OCD, the revolution, falling in love with a woman. My body remembers.

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