Bannière Talks in English
Thursday 11 May 2023 - 19.00

Pictures, motion and still, Bruce Frankel has spent a lifetime shooting images.  Photography—One Approach, will examine how the image-maker has approached his passion, his vocation.

From his involvement with the 1970s New York world of experimental film and photography, throughout his career as a TV journalist-cameraman, his has been a constant reflection on how to interpret that which is before our eyes.  

This evening's discussion will use the September 11, 2001 attack on NYC's World Trade Center as a pivot to explore Frankel's thinking and work.  From personal aesthetics- photography as art-  to the raw power of documentation.  

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Speaker biography

Bruce Frankel: photographer and photo journalist

Bruce Frankel is a documentary filmmaker, as well as having had a 36-year career as a foreign correspondent for French TV.  

His film Mississippi Dreaming, followed a French jazz quintet through the basin of the mighty river-Chicago to New Orleans-exploring the roots of the music.

His book It Was the Turn of the Century, accompanied the September 2021 photo exhibition at Atelier Bergère.

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