Wednesday 06 December 2017 to Saturday 16 December 2017
L'Apostrophe, Cergy-Pontoise, Théâtre de Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, MC93-Bobigny, Tandem Arras-Douai

The Show Must Go On, originally a song by Queen, is also the name of one of the choreographer Jérôme Bel’s most prolific works.

20 performers, 19 songs and one DJ. By use of a simple action/reaction mechanism in between the hits and moving bodies, Jérôme Bel has devised a piece which brings together affect and concept, collective subconscious and exhibition of uniqueness.

This new version is in collaboration with the Candoco Dance Company, in which dancers, professional and amateur, handicapped and non-handicapped alike, work together. The piece has echoes with Disabled Theater and Gala, recent creations by the choreographer. They are a testament to Jérôme Bel’s ability to absorb bodies of all kinds...

This show is part of  Festival d'Automne à Paris which is dedicating a portrait to Jérôme Bel.

Candoco Dance Company

Candoco Dance Company was founded in 1991 by Celeste Dandeker and Adam Benjamin. The Company developed out of integrated workshops at London’s Aspire Centre for Spinal Injury and quickly grew into the first company of its kind in the UK – a professional dance company focused on the integration of disabled and non-disabled artists. Candoco’s commitment to learning has always underpinned all of the company’s activities providing participatory and professional development opportunities alongside its live performances to widen participation in dance by disabled people and to showcase the quality and excitement created through difference.

Practical information

Wednesday 6 December 8.30pm : L'apostrophe, scène nationale de Cergy-Pontoise et du Val d'Oise.

Friday 8 and Saturday 9 December : Théâtre de Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines

Tuesday 12 to Saturday 16 December : MC93 Bobigny

Tuesday 19 December : Tandem Arras-Douai

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