FiveFilms4Freedom Love is a Human Right


From 16–26 March 2017, audiences in London are enjoying BFI Flare, the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) film festival. At the same time you, and people all over the world, can watch five films from the festival for free online.

Crush (UK 2016 / 8 mins). An almost wordless story from director Rosie Westhoff of the flash of first love as a young girl waits for her train in Britain.

Heavy Weight (UK 2016 / 13 mins). A boxer finds his world turned upside down by the arrival of a new fighter at the club in this film by Jonny Ruff

Jamie (UK 2016 / 9 mins). After chatting to a guy online, shy Jamie makes the bold step to meet up with him in person. Directed by Christopher Manning

Still Burning (UK/France 2016 / 9 mins). Era, a young migrant from Guadeloupe living in Paris, introduces his brother to leotards, heels and the fierce attitude of the dance movement voguing. Directed by Nick Rowley.

Where We Are Now (UK 2016 / 9 mins). An intimate documentary portrait by Lucie Rachel of the relationship between a transgender parent and her bisexual daughter in Scotland.

Show that love is a human right

On Tuesday 21 March, we are once again asking the world to watch a movie together. Over the course of one single day, you can show that love is a human right simply by watching one of the films, joining people from around the world.

If you want to pledge your support, please tweet and share on all social media on 21 March, with the hashtag #FiveFilms4Freedom.

Watch the five films for free online

Right now, for a full 11 days from 16-26 March, you can watch the films online. We hope you enjoy them.

Subtitles: you can watch the films with English, Arabic, Chinese, Russian and Latin American Spanish subtitles. Click the settings button on the video player and then 'Subtitles/CC' to select the language of your choice. To turn all subtitles off click 'CC' on the player.

Please note: the English-language version of Heavy Weight contains swearing.

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