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The Entente Cordiale scholarship scheme ran from 1996 to 2018 providing funding to help students enrolling for a Masters or a PhD qualification in the UK.

The Entente Cordiale scholarships programme is currently paused.

In October 1995, British Prime Minister John Major and French President Jacques Chirac launched the Entente Cordiale scholarship scheme. Over 500 exceptional students have benefited from this unique opportunity to continue their studies on the other side of the Channel. The Entente Cordiale scholarships were granted annually between 1996 and 2018 to outstanding students or researchers who at postgraduate level aimed, through their work, research, or a professional project, to strengthen ties between France and the UK. 

The scholarships supported one year of full-time postgraduate study in a British university, whether at Masters or doctoral level. The scheme was managed by the British Council France and the British Embassy Paris, and funded by the private and corporate sector and on occasions donations from the alumni network.

Who are the Entente Cordiale scholars and where are they now?

One of the main aims of the scheme was to assist successful candidates in playing leading roles in the future of their country. We awarded a range of scholarships in different disciplines in order to promote and support diversity, which is something that characterises the scheme's alumni network. 

Entente Cordiale alumni are now pursuing careers in diverse organisations such as the World Health Organisation, the International Monetary Fund, various Ministries and local government. Many alumni go on to work in the private sector, in banking, law firms and consultancy; others are active in journalism, scientific research, curating, design and film-making.

For British candidates wishing to study in France

British candidates wishing to study in France can still apply via the French Embassy in London or contact them by email.

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