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The global context for higher education is changing fast and internationalisation is now an integral part of any higher education strategy. Although the "Bologna Process" has gone a long way in harmonising higher education practice and policy in Europe there is still much opportunity for the promotion of collaboration and sharing of good practice.

The British Council’s series of policy dialogues and research workshops facilitate the exchange of knowledge and ideas in higher education, skills and research and serve to inform and strengthen policies and practice, bringing benefits at both a national and regional level. These initiatives play a critical role in establishing long-term trust and sustained partnerships between higher education research institutions and education stakeholders in the UK, France and beyond.

Working with key stakeholders from the public, private and civil society sectors we are planning a series of events to explore some of the issues of current debate in higher education and research, to exchange best practice and to lay the foundations for mutual and sustainable partnerships.

Our most recent event took place in June 2019 and focused on international competitiveness of universities

If you are interested in partnering us on a future policy dialogue related to higher education or research, please contact us. Recent events have included:

Addressing Sustainable Development Goals - European Universities as actors of change (March 2020)

This conference will shed light on the best practices on sustainable development education and University Social Responsibility initiatives. 

Enhancing international competitiveness of universities - a European perspective (June 2019)

As higher education becomes increasingly global and competitive, an ever-greater focus is being placed on international rankings, research collaborations, institutional networks and alliances, and the mobility of students and faculty. As universities across Europe develop their international approaches, this seminar encouraged reflection, shared experiences and building connections with some of the most influential Higher Education personages.

Climate and security: Evidence, emerging risks and a new agenda (May 2012)

A research workshop exploring the links between climate change and human security organised in collaboration with the British Embassy in Paris, the UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change, the University of Exeter, the French Ministry of Defence, the US Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and the French Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI).

See the articles on the IDDRI website and Le Monde newspaper website.

Accompanying young researchers’ careers: Best practice in Europe (February 2012)

A research workshop looking at best practice from the UK, France and Germany in developing young researchers’ transferable skills, organised in collaboration with the Association Bernard Gregory, the Franco-German University, the MEDEF and the Banque Populaire.

Scientific uncertainty in decision making (March 2011)

A policy dialogue organised in collaboration with the French Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI). Read the article on the IDDRI website.

For further details of our work in Higher Education and Research, contact the Programmes Team.