French and British pupils showing their pop-up museum - Somme 2016 project
French and British pupils - Somme 2016 project ©

Direction de la communication de l'Académie d'Amiens

Our work with schools in France, the UK and across the world is currently transforming teaching and learning practices to ensure that pupils are equipped with the skills and competencies they require to make them globally aware and globally competitive. In today's fast-changing world, connected, interconnected and intercultural learning is essential for young people to be creative, solve problems, speak each other's language, work together in teams, communicate well, and have a global perspective.

Connections are everything

Through the British Council's Schools Online website, your school can sign up to find a partner school in the United Kingdom. Once you are partnered, joint curriculum projects are an excellent way to develop strategic and sustainable links with your partner school whether at primary or secondary level. The website has some great examples of project working and also lesson plans for you to use. Projects range from those which are strictly on-line, using a variety of new technologies to communicate, to those which involve pupil mobility through EU Comenius funding.

Anglo-French bilateral education agreement

There are currently over 1,000 partnerships between schools in France and the UK, involving some 45,000 pupils and 3,000 teachers directly. The official agreement between the French and English departments of education were renewed in 2011 for a period of 4 years.

Inspirational learning

In addition to supporting school links and joint curriculum projects, we run a variety of school projects with schools in France including the very successful arts project Rivers of the World, as well as Science in Schools.

Inspirational teaching

Truly inspirational teaching requires regular professional development and we have many interesting opportunities for teachers to choose from. Whether you want to enhance your English, access exciting new teaching materials or improve the international dimension in your school curriculum, there is something in our offer for you. In addition the British Council offers support to the network of almost 1,000 language assistants who come to teach in France every year via a tailored website full of useful and fun teaching resources. Find out more on the TeachingEnglish website.

Our partners

The British Council France has a strong relationship with the French Ministry of Education who value our expertise as a cultural relations organisation and our commitment to adding real purpose, context, audience and active involvement to the process of language learning and intercultural exchange. We work with a well established network of international relations officers in local authorities in France (DAREIC) as well as a range of key educational partners across the whole country.