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Mat Wright

International learning is growing in importance across the curriculum. For teachers it is therefore essential to have the knowledge and skills required to capitalise on this. The British Council and the French Ministry of Education offer you a range of continued professional development resources to help you to develop your skills in the area of international learning, including many online courses.

On this page you will find programmes and activities that you can follow to gain new skills as well as learn about new approaches to teaching and interacting with colleagues. 

Register for our online courses

You can take a British Council online course to improve your English, learn how to sustain your partnership, develop your project-management skills.

Find out more about our professional development courses.

Take a face-to-face course

Teachers in the United Kingdom can register for a British Council course to help hone their skills for international working.

French Ministry of Education Courses

The Eduscol platform provides teachers with information on the various options available. Find out about online courses on the M@gistère and NeoPass@ction platforms.

On Edubases you will also find lesson plans categorised by subject.

Overseas placements

Find out about overseas placements. For French teachers The Jules Verne programme for example, offers primary and secondary teachers from the state education sector the opportunity to teach in a foreign school for an academic year.

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