Child astonished with what he is reading

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

The conference will look at all aspects of language learning, with a special focus on English, plurilingualism and multilingual education.

As more and more children grow up learning multiple languages, we seek to answer the following questions:

  • How can we recognise, acknowledge and make visible children's plurilingualism today?
  • How can teacher training programmes support teachers with bilingual and multilingual pedagogies?
  • What methodological approaches can we use to support language education?
  • How can we encourage research-led policy making in language education?

Consult the programme in PDF format.

The three main themes of the conference are:

Language learning

  • Foreign and second language learning and teaching 
  • Heritage/minority language learning and teaching
  • Language of migration and language of schooling
  • Models of bi/multilingual education: CLIL, immersion

Classroom approaches in multilingual contexts

  • Developing communicative competence in multiple languages
  • Developing literacy in multiple languages
  • Effective language assessment
  • Translanguaging and other plurilingual approaches

Inclusive practices and teacher education

  • Wellbeing, attitudes, emotions and identity in multilingual classrooms 
  • Intercultural and inclusive education in the multilingual classroom
  • Professional development of teachers in bi/multilingual approaches

This conference is for teachers, teacher trainers, educational managers and policy makers who are interested in how children learn and acquired multiple languages.