The UK's exit from the European Union has brought significant changes for students currently studying, or planning to study in the UK.

Your first port of call for any information should be the StudyUK website. You'll find information for European students currently in the UK as well as for students looking to study there in the future.

You can find a list of useful links to further information below:

1. Do I need a visa to study in the UK?

From 2021, students travelling to the UK for undergraduate or postgraduate studies at a UK university or who take part in an exchange programme, including Erasmus, will require a visa. Courses lasting less than 6 months are exempt from this requirement. Your university will be able to provide you with guidance and support on this.

The British Council is not a visa advisory service, however, below you will find information on :

See the StudyUK website for more information on visas.

2. How is Brexit financially affecting French students who want to study or who are currently studying in the UK?

After August 2021, EU students starting a new course in the UK will no longer be eligible for home fee status. Each university will set its own fees for EU students, and in most cases, these will align with international non-European student fees. The majority of programmes range between £13,000- £16,000 per year, however, cheaper/more expensive courses also exist. You will need to check this information directly with the universities you apply to.

EU students will no longer be eligible for student loans to cover tuition fees. We recommend that you check what financial help/support each university provides to international students. Many UK universities are offering reduced fees to EU students or aligning European student fees with those paid by British students studying in the UK.

StudyUK has listed these kinds of offers from 49 UK universities. You can find them here and here. 

The latest information regarding EU students in the UK is available on the UK Government webpage.

3. What if I am a British citizen living in France?

UK nationals who live in EU countries will be eligible for home fee status and student loans if they start their studies in the UK before 1 January 2028.

4. What will happen to Erasmus students?

Participants who study, train, volunteer or spend time abroad through Erasmus+ exchanges, that were confirmed during the 2014-2020 programme, including those where funding runs beyond 2020, can participate for the full duration of their exchange. This covers UK participants going abroad and international participants coming to the UK. For the most up-to-date information on Erasmus+, go to the UK National Agency website.

The UK government has announced that the Turing scheme will replace the UK's participation in Erasmus+ from 2021 for UK students. Find out more on the Turing scheme website.

Last update: July 2021