English for Schools by Cned
English for Schools by Cned

English for Schools is an online free resource designed by CNED, in partnership with the British Council for English language learning for teachers and kids at primary school.

English for Schools

The website English for Schools was designed by CNED in partnership with the British Council to provide access to motivating interactive English language content.

It is an online resource for English language learning designed for Kids and Teachers in primary schools.

Using the website

English for Schools is separated into two universes. A special universe is dedicated to children (Kids) and a separate universe is dedicated teachers (Teachers). Membership is free.


The Kids universe is for the 8-11 age range CE2, CM1 and CM2 or equivalent school year. It offers a fun, unique and interactive approach to activating English (videos, articles, games ...), with content selected and edited by CNED.

Multimedia resources (games, videos, documents, and audio files) are free and accessible to all.

Kids can personalise their selections, rate exercises, share scores and save content. Every week, five new resources are published according to topic and theme. The rich and varied content is perfect for children (pets, travel, sports, ...).



The Teachers universe provides primary teachers access to rich content, with tools to exchange ideas and share best practice. There is also a virtual workspace to facilitate the preparation of English classes. Teachers can access the Kids Universe indexed to educational criteria and share suggestions for classroom use with their students.