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WHAT IS ACADEMIC TEACHING EXCELLENCE: English as a medium of instruction (ATE)?

Lecturers in all subject areas are facing a new reality: seminars and lectures with a highly diverse and international student body that requires instruction through English. English as Medium of Instruction – or EMI – has become an important development in creating a truly international university. 

Academic Teaching Excellence (ATE) is a training course that has been developed to help academic staff who do their teaching through the medium of English. Degree courses in Europe are increasingly being taught in English, often where neither teacher nor students are native speakers. ATE has been specifically designed to improve the overall quality of academic teaching by updating lecturers’ language skills and offering useful techniques for day-to-day teaching.


Contact us today for further information or book an initial consultation at To suit your specific academic calendar ATE is usually delivered at dates and times requested by Higher Education institutes, specifically for teachers employed at their institute i.e. ATE private groups of up to 14 teachers or lecturers from the same institute. This tailor made approach enables institutes to plan in advance and gain the maximum benefits from a group training perspective. 

WHAT DOES the academic teaching excellence course provide?

ATE is for university lecturers and academics who are not English native speakers but who regularly teach in English or will need to teach in English in the future. As a foundation course in English as Medium of Instruction (EMI), it deals with the complex linguistic challenges of teaching and learning in a foreign language. The training is not just an English language course, but rather combines innovative teaching methodology and linguistic practice in order to enhance the quality of teaching in higher education.

By attending an ATE training course you will:

  • develop an excellent understanding of the communication principles that underlie academic teaching with English as the medium of instruction
  • improve the quality of your communication with your students, through more confident and effective teaching in English
  • benefit from the latest research into English as a medium of instruction for your context
  • through intensive micro-teaching sessions, acquire advanced communication skills in English through analysing and reviewing current teaching practices 
  • help your higher education institution attract the most talented students and staff.


ATE has been developed in close cooperation with the University of Oxford’s Department of Education, drawing on the latest research in the field of English as medium of instruction.  

Our trainers undertake a special training course designed and delivered by the University of Oxford, Department of Education.


The ATE face-to-face course is a 35 hour course either run intensively over five days or 35 hours over seven days. It is delivered by expert British Council, Teacher Trainers. 

We work with upper-secondary schools, institutes and universities in France and organise ATE private courses specifically for your staff, at their institute to provide real life learning. Contact us for further information, please contact our EMI team


For further information, please contact


Here is what some of the participants of the ATE course are saying:

  • “I improved my skills that I can use in teaching in English”
  • “You improve your English language in combination with the didactics and teaching knowledge.”
  • “I learned how powerful interaction can be as a teaching tool in class”
  • “I found it really useful to learn how to teach well in an English context.”

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