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Mat Wright

What is Researcher Connect?

Researcher Connect is a workshop specifically designed for researchers at any stage of their career and from an academic discipline. It focuses on the development of excellent communication skills using English language in international, multi-cultural contexts, enabling learners to communicate their research effectively with a range of audiences in appropriate academic or professional styles. 

Why choose Researcher Connect?

Researcher Connect develops researchers professional skills required to better communicate their work, leading to:

• improved performance in publishing and presenting

• stronger international and private sector collaborations

• increased employability.

Content of the course

Researcher Connect is a series of short modules which can be combined to respond to specific needs, either through an intensive workshop or over a longer period. The modules are the following:

  • know your audience
  • better presentations
  • writing for publications: the basics
  • effective emails
  • professional proposals
  • abstracts.

Workshops are for up to 20 researchers. It is appropriate for B2 (upper-intermediate) level learners and above.

More information

Full information is available in the downloadable brochure at the bottom of this page. For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at

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