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Mardi 10 avril 2018 - 00:00 à Vendredi 13 avril 2018 - 00:00
Brighton, United Kingdom

IATEFL et le British Council invitent tous les enseignants d'anglais à travers le monde à participer à en ligne à Brighton online.

Comme il s'agit d'un conference pour les professionnels de l'enseignement de la langue anglaise, les informations ci-dessous sont en anglais.

 For details of our coverage visit the Brighton Online website.

Brighton Online is a British Council / IATEFL partnership. Our conference coverage features live and on demand video webcasts of conference presentations and workshops, video interviews,discussion forums and conference reports. 

Brighton Online provides teacher audiences worldwide with an opportunity to share ideas with colleagues before, during and after the conference. 

Last year over 80,000 teachers all over the world followed the IATEFL Conference online. This year we expect an even larger audience to join us for Brighton Online. 

How can I take part? 

Visit the Brighton Online website.

British Council France speakers at IATEFL Brighton

Catch our British Council France speakers at Brighton:

Monday 9 April 13:30-13:45
Children's language learning rights with Gail Ellis

Mondiay 9 April 14:00-14:15
The right to my languages: multilingualism in children's English classrooms with Nayr Ibrahim


Tuesday 10 April 10:40-11:25 (room 1)
IELTS GT Writing Task 1: rising to the challenges with Sarah Philpot

This workshop will address some of the challenges test-takers face with IELTS General Training Writing Task 1. The main focus will be on those aspects that can produce significant improvements in a relatively short time, e.g. register, lexis and relevance. We will look at a number of activities to improve our students’ awareness of these areas

Tuesday 10 April 14:10-14:40
Differentiation at the heart of the inclusive classroom with Emily Hodge

Most groups of language learners have a range of linguistic and learning needs and abilities, so differentiation (recognising and responding to differences within groups) is a key skill for language teachers. This session will therefore explore practical strategies we can use to support, challenge and engage all of our learners.

Wednesday 11 April 15:00-15:30 
Generating a gender-free growth mindset in the classroom with Sophie Handy

Cultivating a growth mindset in our classrooms at the British Council Paris naturally grew out of an 'assessment for learning' approach (IATEFL Glasgow 2017). However, there is another (oft overlooked) aspect: developing the mindset according to gender. What of the differences, if any, between boys and girls? How can teachers support all our students in developing a more motivational mindset? 

Friday 13 April 10:20-10:50
Using metaphor to elicit young children’s views on learning English with Gail Ellis and Nayr Ibrahim 

This talk reports on a study that investigates children’s perceptions of English language learning by using a metaphor elicitation technique. This approach allows children to voice their views about language learning via the five senses. It gives both children and teachers an insight into the language learning process and contributes to a more learner-centred pedagogy in the early years.

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