Policy dialogue number 3
Jeudi 25 mars 2021 -
10:30 à 12:30
Evénement en ligne et en anglais

The British Council offers annual Policy Dialogue conferences that address current issues in higher education and research and provide an opportunity to exchange best practices in laying the foundations for sustainable partnerships. 

For this new edition, the British Council, HESAM Université and University of London Institute in Paris propose a Franco-British digital conference : Policy Dialogue #3 - Youth employability in a changing world: how do HEIs adapt to the future of work?

The digital revolution raises many questions about the future of jobs and its consequences for the career paths of the learning community.

It is estimated that 65% of children entering primary school today will work in jobs that do not yet exist. Our volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world (VUCA) highlights the urgent need for higher education institutions and their ecosystems to adapt.

Beyond being mere knowledge providers, universities are becoming key players at the crossroads of society and the economic world. HEIs have now to realign their strategies to equip a learning generation with new abilities allowing them to meet the challenges of a skills-based work environment. Simultaneously, the ongoing demand for digital modules has been further strengthened by the Covid-19 crisis. The massive transition to online teaching and learning has highlighted the flexibility of student pathways: a multi-faceted education is on the rise, whereby traditional, Bologna-model academic degrees compete with shorter, skills-based digital learning opportunities.

In such a context:

  • How can HEIs adjust their offer to best prepare their students for a VUCA world? What are the inspiring local initiatives emerging from regional ecosystems that can serve as examples and be replicated in other international contexts?
  • Will portfolio education become the new academic model, meeting the job market and students’ expectations? 
  • Is the holistic and universal approach of universities compatible with more fragmented curricula introduced by medals and micro-credentials?
  • Faced with automation and the dwindling of job opportunities, what strategies can HEIs adopt to train the younger generation for more meaningful and added-value careers? How can traditional manual jobs and their training paths reinvent themselves, therefore harnessing the power of digital (craftsmanship; fashion…)?

Note that registration closes on the 22 March. 

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