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Jeudi 23 janvier 2020 -
19:00 à 20:00

Our Head of partner schools, Amy Brightling, will give a talk on Queen Victoria. More details to follow!

What are "Talks in English "? 

Talks in English is open and free for all students as well as members of the public (subject to seat availability). It is a series of monthly talks given in English and based on different themes. Talks are delivered by our teachers as well as external speakers. Information on upcoming sessions is available on our website and our social networks.

Refreshments are served after each talk to give participants a chance to practise their English during informal networking. 

Amy Brightling

I find it really rewarding when I help students enjoy English and therefore feel motivated to learn, especially if at the same time I am helping them to achieve a goal which will have a positive effect on their future life.

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