Jeudi 14 novembre 2019 -
19:00 à 20:00

Wallace Fountains first appeared on the streets of Paris in 1872, almost 150 years ago. Few know of their remarkable history and the man who made them possible.

Who was Richard Wallace?  How did war, social upheaval, economic disparity, human vice, urban planning and an emerging social conscience contribute to the fountains’ existence? Why are these fountains one of Paris’ most important treasures?

Come to this Talk in English to find out.

What is "Talks in English "? 

Talks in English is a series of monthly talks given in English and based on different themes. Talks are delivered by our teachers as well as external speakers. Information on upcoming sessions is available on our website and our social networks. Talks are open and free for all students as well as members of the public (subject to seat availability).

Refreshments are served after each talk to give participants a chance to practise their English during informal networking.


Barbara Lambesis

President Barbara Lambesis

Barbara Lambesis is the current president of la Société des Fontaines Wallace.  Prior to owning a business, Ms. Lambesis held executive positions in communications and public affairs at major institutions in the fields of health care, banking and higher education and leadership positions in related professional associations and non-profit organizations.  She is a graduate of the University of Minnesota, receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Humanities.

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