Jeudi 14 juin 2018 -
19:00 à 21:00

This is the last in our series of Talks in English this academic year.

Perhaps more than any other rock band in the last 30 years, U2's music has shown a keen interest in spiritual experience.

Bono's lyrics, often taking the form of a prayer, ache with longing for the divine. U2's unique sound, created by guitarist The Edge's use of effects, creates an otherwordly feel that seems to suggest transcendence. In concert, Bono takes on the role of priest, or director, who leads the audience into an experience of something greater then themselves.

This talk will take the audience on a journey through the music of U2, examining some of these themes and giving a sense of why U2 have been one of the most popular, the most enduring and most spiritual bands of the modern age.