Using language for real purposes - the 3 dimensions of content

What methodologies can we use to improve language education, now that we seem to agree that language learning is no longer a discipline in itself but rather the central hub of all subject competences?  

We learn languages now, as Graddol wrote ‘in order to do something else’. There is an enormous difference between saying ‘I want to learn English’ and ‘I want to learn how to use English’.  

ELT has begun to accept CLIL as an ally instead of as an enemy, and language teachers can benefit from adjusting their language objectives to resemble the conceptual and procedural ones that subject teachers routinely use.  

This talk will suggest that students learn the language dimension more efficiently when they are made aware of its relationship with the other two key dimensions in education – concepts and procedures.

About the speaker

Phil Ball works as a consultant for the Federation of Basque Schools, based in San Sebastián in Spain.

He is a CLIL materials writer and teacher-trainer and has been closely involved with the award-winning Basque multilingual project, ‘Eleanitz’. 

He has been involved in several European-based CLIL projects, and has written a wide variety of CLIL-based textbooks for the Basque and Spanish social science and English language programmes.

He co-designed the new ‘CLIL Essentials’ online course for the British Council and is the module leader on the MA CLIL degree for NILE in England. 

He is the co-author of the new book about CLIL, ‘Putting CLIL into Practice’ (Oxford University Press 2015) and his CLIL textbook series for the Basque curriculum was nominated for the ELTONS Innovation Award in 2016.