Un professeur et son étudiant dans un cours d'anglais

Do you want to teach in the United Kingdom? Explore the various options below.

Teach in primary and secondary schools (5-16/18 years old)

Find out about the various possibilities to train to be a teacher in a primary or secondary school in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland by checking out the UCAS website as well as the UK government advice.

If you are already a qualified teacher in your own country, discover the UK government guidance on how to gain recognition for your qualification.

Teach at a private school or college of further education

Most private (or 'independent') primary or secondary schools require their teachers to have Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). If you wish to work in a private school, you need to apply to the school directly. Most independent schools belong to the Independent Schools Council Information Service (ISC).

Teach in further-education colleges

It is not always necessary to be a qualified teacher in order to teach at a college of further education. Posts are limited but are usually advertised in the weekly Times Education Supplement or in local newspapers. Many further-education colleges belong to the Conference for Independent Further Education.

Teach in universities

It is possible to be a university teacher in the UK without holding a specific teaching qualification. Most teachers at this level are highly qualified and apply directly to the university for vacant posts, which are advertised in the weekly Times Higher Education Supplement.

Become a language assistant

Come to the UK for several months as a language assistant, boosting learners' oral skills in primary and secondary schools. More information is available on the French government's dedicated webpage.

Work in a language school

If you want to teach English in a language school in the UK or elsewhere in the world, most institutions require you to a hold a CELTA qualification or an equivalent.