Cours d'anglais au British Council en France

Nishma Nussbaumer

We are committed to supporting those in need in our society. 

Our initiatives take many different forms from organising book and gift donations for homeless people to supporting migrants, refugees and students from less-privileged backgrounds with future professional and educational opportunities.

You can read about a selection of our initiatives below.

How our CELTA courses are at the forefront of our outreach work

We provide CELTA courses for free to migrants and refugees from four associations: Singa, UniR, each One and Place. In 2021 we welcomed 55 students from a wide range of countries including Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq to complete 40 hours of classes with us.

Teaching English to students from less privileged backgrounds through a partnership with HEC business school equal opportunities department

Every year we welcome around 25 students from less-privileged backgrounds into our Paris Invalides Teaching Centre for an English intensive week.

In partnership with HEC equal opportunities department, we aim to develop the students’ confidence and potential through an English immersion, similar to what they would experience from a one week stay in the UK.

These students will undertake some of the most competitive examinations in France in an attempt to earn a place at the prestigious universities called “Les Grands Ecoles”.

We hope that through this work we’re helping diversify the pipeline of the leaders of tomorrow.

Read more about the project here.