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Find sources of funding for school, undergraduate, and postgraduate study and for undergraduate, and postgraduate study  and for undertaking research in the UK, and access knowledge about other funding opportunities in the UK. Whichever scholarship, grant or award is best for you; we can help you to find it.

For many years now, British schools and universities have been attracting hundreds of thousands of EU and international students. Whilst many students are able to provide for themselves, others may be in need of some financial help.

The British government and the decentralised administrations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, as well as other British organisations, offer some scholarships and other kinds of financial assistance. It is important to research your options early on; demand for scholarships is high and there is often a selection process so early application is recommended.

Tips can be found on our Study UK website for making your money go further whilst studying, including information on student discounts and cost of living.

Current opportunities for funding with British Council France

Funding for undergraduate studies

Because of the decentralised administrations of the four nations of the UK, tuition fees can vary depending on where you will study, from £0 to £9000 per year.

The UCAS website has the latest information on tuition fees at undergraduate level. As an EU student you may be eligible for a Tuition Fee Loan which means you can pay back the cost of your studies when you graduate and get a job. You can find out more about how to apply on the Direct Gov website.

Our dedicated Study UK, Discover You website provides first-hand information about specific undergraduate scholarships or funding. You can find more information for scholarships all types of studies, including undergraduate studies on the Study UK, Discover You.  

Funding for postgraduate study and research

The UK offers a wide range of postgraduate and research opportunities which are respected and recognised throughout the world. The minimum cost is £3000 per year, although some Masters degrees cost significantly more than this. If you need to apply for extra funding there are several organisations that may be able to help with tuition fee costs and/or living expenses. It is important to apply early, as deadlines for applications can be up to a year before your course or research begins.

UK Research Councils

There are 7 Research Councils in the UK, organised by discipline, that promote and support postgraduate study and research in UK universities across all academic fields. You can check with the appropriate Research Council whether they offer funding programmes that apply to you.

Prospects website

A useful summary of different funding sources can also be found on the Prospects website, which specialises in information concerning postgraduate study and career opportunities.