Photo of an English teacher with two of her bilingual students
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Our English courses for bilingual children and teenagers in Paris take children from the age of four (Moyenne Section Maternelle) to 13 (Troisième). We use the term 'bilingual' to refer to children who use English naturally in their lives, in a wide range of contexts.

To learn more about our approach to Bilingual Education, please read this blog article by the Head of our Bilingual Section.

Bilingual children and teenagers studying with the world’s English experts will:
  • maintain, consolidate and develop English language skills in an English-speaking school environment
  • develop different reading and writing skills through exposure to a variety of authentic fiction and non-fiction texts
  • focus on English literature and reading for language development and for pleasure
  • develop confidence in biculturalism and the written culture of the English language.

Course information

  • Levels

    Students are grouped by age (foundation stage and key stages 1 to 3). At 15 they will have the chance to prepare for the IGCSE exam

  • Course Format

    Once a week, two or three hours depending on age group.

Course dates and fees

Fees 2023
January to June
€950 (2hrs/week)
€1,360 (3hrs/week)
€950 (2hrs/week)
€950 (2hrs/week)
€950 (2hrs/week)
€1,350 (3hrs/week)

*Please inform me of the opening of future sessions.