a group of business people talking in english outside a building near a forest

Does your company or institution need English language skills for the workplace?

As a world leader in English language teaching we develop English language business solutions to meet the requirements of your organisation. Customers in over 110 countries around the world learn English and take language exams with us.

Whether you would like your staff to improve their English skills in meetings, negotiations, business writing or any other areas, we provide courses that are right for your company. Course objectives are agreed in consultation with your company or organisation. We then design a course to meet your requirements. 

We tailor the course around your employees time schedules and we adapt to the level of your learners. Our methodology ensures a balance of live online classes and activities to develop spoken communication skills, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation for the world of work. 

What will you your employees benefit from?

  • increased confidence and proficiency in using English in business contexts
  • improved skills and motivation to help your company succeed at home and abroad
  • increased fluency in group discussions and learning to express opinions and interact politely in formal situations 
  • better study skills, enabling them to engage in lifelong learning


Evaluation and assessment are agreed with you as part of the course package. We offer specialised language testing for businesses with our Aptis testing system which enables your employee to measure their progress.


Speak to our corporate training experts who can help with your business training needs.