SDG conference visual 5 June
Friday 05 June 2020 - 11.00
Paris time
The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted by United Nations Member States in 2015, are a universal call to action to protect the planet and ensure that all populations enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030.
Students have recently been asking Higher Education institutions to accelerate efforts towards reaching the SDGs, especially regarding climate action. In several countries, students’ associations are calling for revised curricula, integrating sustainable development, and asking for impactful initiatives on campuses.
In addition, European universities will have a key role to play in contributing to the aftermath of the COVID-19 by advancing sustainable solutions, (e.g. short food supply chains, biodiversity and wildlife protection) aiming to reinforce our resilience to such crises.
In order to better understand these trends, to respond to students' claims and to maintain a dynamic of exchanges in these unprecedented times, University PSL and the British Council are jointly launching a webinar entitled “Reaching Sustainable Development Goals: universities and students looking for solutions.”
Serving as a platform for dialogue between several university leaders and student representatives, this webinar will bring to the foreground the challenges Higher Education faces in reaching the Sustainable Development Goals,  by presenting the implementation of efficient solutions by universities.


1.    Speakers 

  • Introduction : Alain Fuchs, President of Université PSL, and Bianka Stege, Director of Education and Society for the EU Region at the British Council
  • First round of presentations: Hiligje Van’t Land, Secretary General of the IAU and Carole Meffre, Coordinator of Sciences Po Environnement Paris.
  • First round of questions from the audience
  • Second round of presentations: Jasha Oosterbaan, Director of ISIGE at Mines ParisTech-PSL and Aliza Ayaz, Founder and Executive Chair of UCL's Climate Action Society
  • Second round of questions from the audience
  • Closing words 

2.     Themes

Four questions have been suggested to our guest speakers, as guidance for their presentation.

 These questions include:

  • “What current challenges do universities face in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals?”
  • “What initiatives have been, or should be implemented by universities to ensure the sustainability of campuses?”
  • “How should universities envisage the teaching of tomorrow?”
  • “To what extent does COVID-19 urge universities to leverage their expertise and develop new action plans to reach the goals and new methods of teaching these topics?”

3.    Logistics  

The webinar is meant to be interactive and the audience will be able to ask their own questions to the different guest speakers live, via the chat box.

Please also note that this webinar is part of the Going Global 2020 online discussion series taking place throughout June.

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