If you would like to prepare for a Linguaskill test, we recommend the following ressources:

Practice tests - Listening and Reading

Linguaskill BUSINESS ENGLISH (replaces BULATS)

Listening and Reading

Linguaskill GENERAL ENGLISH                           

Listening and Reading

Elementary Elementary
Intermediate Intermediate
Advanced Advanced

Demo tests

BULATS demo tests, click the link and enter the password for the corresponding module:

BULATS Reading and Listening - demo DEMBULE1
BULATS Speaking - demo DEMBULE1SP
BULATS Writing - démo DEMBULE1W

Vocabulary builder

This tool from Cambridge Assessment English helps to improve your English vocabulary for free. click here to sign up.


Business Benchmark, A2 - C1, (with a CD ROM and a sample test), Guy Brook-Hart, Cambridge University Press.

Business Benchmark 2nd Edition, B1 - C1, (with a CD audio and a sample test), Guy Brook-Hart, Cambridge University Press.

Other British Council methods

Free online resources to learn English

British Council proposes online and face to face English courses. To know more, please check English courses or contact us.

Following the announcement of the BULATS withdrawal, please note that the British Council will no longer organise individual BULATS sessions for test takers. 

For more information on Linguaskill test preparation resources, visit Cambridge Assessment English webpages.