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Mat Wright

Discover ten profiles of former scholars from different disciplines and backgrounds who continued their studies in the UK with an Entente Cordiale scholarship.

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Eloïse Bertrand - University of Warwick (2015-2016)

I am a PhD student in Politics and International Studies at the University of Warwick. I am working on the role of opposition parties in hybrid regimes, looking more specifically at Uganda and Burkina Faso. I hold an Msc in African Politics from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) and did my undergraduate studies in English and Political Science at the University Lyon 2 (France) and the University of California at Berkeley (USA). I have worked in peacebuilding and development and I am a researcher and analyst on African affairs at AREA Consulting, a start-up I co-founded in London.

Gabrielle Sallé - London School of Economics (2015-2016)

After my bachelor at Sciences Po and an exchange year at McGill University, I have decided to study EU politics in the dual degree between the London School of Economics and Sciences Po. Since I had moved from Italy to resettle in France, I have always felt an intense fondness towards the European integration and a sharp curiosity for the issues that this enterprise has engendered. 

I am also interested in the digital innovation sector since this revolution requires us to rethink the whole economy as well as the relations between States and citizens.  

My two internships at the General Secretariat of European Affairs and at Facebook in the Public Policy team have helped me to develop my desire to work in the business- government relations at an European level. 

Studying EU Politics in London in period of UK debate about leaving the Union is a stunning to better grasp the paradoxes of the European Integration. The studies in the London School of Economics would be based on critical analysis of EU-policy making through in-depth readings and dissertation. Therefore, I have two objectives: I want to develop a thorough comprehension of EU politics as well as mature a personal viewpoint and build my own ideas. 

Margaux Vialleron - City University London (2015-2016)

As a child I used to travel through books and three years ago, I decided to make my career out of reading. I therefore moved to Canada where I studied for my Bachelor’s degree in Literature and Humanities – with a major in Comparative Literature – at the Université de Montréal. I also had the opportunity to work for a publishing company and to travel around North America, more enthusiastic than ever at the idea of discovering new traditions and sharing them with future generations. Now, I am back in Europe and I am strengthened in my desire to work within the Children’s Book publishing industry. In September 2015, I will start my Master’s in International Publishing at City University London. I thus aspire to broaden my understanding of the industry and my network. I am also stimulated about the idea of living and working in a cosmopolitan city such as London. I am delighted to be a part of the Entente Cordiale scheme and I will do my very best to support cultural exchanges between the United Kingdom and France.

Sofiane Tabtoub - Herbert Smith Freehills scholarship - King's College London (2015-2016)

I am a third-year law student at the University Paris-Sud determined to pursue a career as a lawyer in Business law.  I am currently reading for a university degree in Franco-British law named « La Grande Ecole du Droit » which is a highly selective academic program of law unparalleled so far in France. Thanks to this program, I am now familiar with fundamental notions in British Constitutional and Common law. Therefore, this Franco-British diploma provides me with the necessary background to enrol in a LLM. I am currently studying Master 1 courses which I am taking by anticipation this year thanks to « Grande Ecole du droit », it taught me to cope with a heavy workload and stringent requirements. Self-employed since the age of 18, managing my own business allows me to finance my studies and have a pragmatic view of the Law, to be close to economic realities and legal needs of business. I need to undertake projects. That is why one goal during this year in London is to establish the first association of young Franco-British lawyers. Nevertheless, my academic success remains my priority. I strongly believe that King's College is the best place for me to achieve this goal. Indeed King's College is near the heart of international banking and financial place, City of London, perfect place to develop a highly topical issue in France, the use of RSE in banking sector. 

Soraya Chenaf

MSc Finance, Imperial College Business School

I studied at Paris Dauphine University and completed several work placements in the finance sector, including a one-year apprenticeship at EDF Trading Room, a six-month off-cycle internship at BNP Paribas (Equity Derivatives), and a summer internship at BNP Paribas (Fixed Income Department).

I count on the master’s degree programme at Imperial College to both broaden my understanding of financial markets and acquire applied knowledge in the field. The MSc finance is well known for the fact that the course contains elements of quantative economics whilst  remaining highly practical. I am convinced that the MSc Finance will be a unique and challenging experience that will open doors for me across the finance industry. I am sincerely grateful the Entente Cordiale Scholarship Programme has decided to back my career plan in investment banking.  I will do my very best to achieve my objectives in this field. 

Domitille Hamard

MSc Urban Affairs, London School of Economics

After four years of studying politics in Grenoble, I decided to focus on urban policies on the European scale, culminating in the dual degree between Sciences Po Paris and LSE (London School of Economics).

I am interested in social issues and policies in cities and their political consequences. I have been working both as a research assistant and as an intern in charities in Paris and Lyon, looking at homelessness and poverty and ways to deal with these problems. I want to promote a larger discourse about the current housing issues, analysing successful experiments from other countries, with the ultimate aim of promoting a sustainable solution.

I am also an avid photographer, using photography as a pastime and to help professionally with raising awareness.

Emilie Gautier

MPhil/PhD English, King's College London

I am extremely delighted to start an MPhil/PhD in English with King's College London this September 2014.

My "Wessex Horrors" research will focus on late Victorian writer Thomas Hardy and his fiction.  I am interested in later Modern Psychoanalysis and will demonstrate how the idea of Trauma and a sense of Horror are symptomatically scattered over the text.

I graduated with a BA (Hons) in English Studies and an MA in English Literature with Université Lyon 2, France. My MA dissertation then was already centered on the novel The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy and took a Lacanian approach.

I have had several Franco-British experiences in the UK. I took a gap year as a French Language Assistant in Northern England through the British Council in 2008. After my MA, I was also awarded a teaching position with the University of Reading, Berkshire, and taught French to BA Honours students in French Studies.

I am thrilled about this new project starting in London thanks to the help of the Entente Cordiale Scholarship scheme.  King's College is an amazing institution to carry on such research, with an excellent Nineteenth-Century Literature Department. The Department is especially welcoming projects looking at Mind & Body narratives in their cluster Literature, Medecine and Science, where my research project fits in quite well.  

Chloé Orland

PhD Plant Science, University of Cambridge

Nature has always exerted a special fascination on me and I therefore decided to study biology at university. My interest for ecology grew stronger and so I pursued my studies with a Masters in Marine Biology, which I obtained from the University of Plymouth in November 2013. Since then, I have been volunteering and taken part in various research projects.

I will now start a PhD at the University of Cambridge in October 2014. My research will focus on the way terrestrial organic matter is utilised by aquatic ecosystems: how are nutrients and energy transferred into food webs? The aim of the study is to understand how land cover affects water quality - a highly important matter in the current context of increased deforestation. It will also help us understand how to obtain cleaner water, as well as healthier fish populations, a major food resource.

I am delighted to start this research project thanks to the Entente Cordiale scholarship, and I hope to participate in the enhancement of scientific collaborations between France and the United Kingdom through this scheme.

Margot Sadet

Herbert Smith Freehills Entente Cordiale scholarship

LLM International Tax Law, King’s College London

I am currently studying European and international business law in the Magistere JAE at Nancy. This three-years course of study combines the traditional third year of licence, master one and master two with additional, more technical and specialised, disciplines and benefits from a European and international opening. It allows me to study abroad for the third year and I decided to apply for a LLM at King's College of London where I will be studying for the year 2014-2015.

I have always had a taste for international law and getting the chance to study it from another law system point of view is very rewarding. Furthermore, London is a cosmopolitan city not only pleasant to live in but also to work in since it is a very dynamic business place attracting lots of international business law matters.

I am aware of the opportunity given to me by being selected as an Entente Cordiale scholar and I will be sure to make the most of it professionally and personally and to help strengthen the Franco-British community.

Guillaume Vatin

Herbert Smith Freehills Entente Cordiale scholarship

LLM Law, London School of Economics

After studying law and economics at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Cachan and European Law at the University of Panthéon-Assas, I chose to focus on competition law. What I like about competition law is that it associates economics and law, it also has a clear European scope that I really enjoy. It was therefore difficult for me to picture myself practicing competition law without an academic experience in another European country.

Starting in September 2014, I will study European Competition Law at the London School of Economics where the study of law and economics is especially interlinked.

Joining the Entente Cordiale community is for me a means to contribute to strengthening existing links between France, the UK and most importantly Europe. 

Image: Mat Wright