Photo of Manon Chenailler

Manon Chenailler is a laureate of the 2023 Entente Cordiale for the Climate scholarship. She will pursue a MPhil in Development Studies with a specialisation in Environment and Sustainability at the University of Cambridge.

I am enthusiastic about pursuing this MPhil at the University of Cambridge as it will complement my previous academic and professional experience whilst giving me specialist analytical and practical skills to address climate change in my future career. Having done my Bachelor at University College London and currently studying a Master in European Affairs with a specialisation in Energy, Environment and Sustainability at Sciences Po Paris, I believe this Master at Cambridge perfectly aligns with my previous studies and is particularly relevant regarding my professional interests. Indeed, as climate change mitigation efforts strengthen globally, only intersectional discourses, policies and actions that address dynamics of vulnerability and inequality may provide equitable solutions to today's most urgent crisis.

As a University College London graduate and future Cambridge graduate student, I feel a strong connection to the United Kingdom. It is therefore a great honour to have been attributed the Entente Cordiale for the Climate scholarship and participate in the advancement of the Franco-British friendship by strengthening its leadership in the field of climate change research and policy.