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Have you got to know your partner school? Are you starting to develop joint activities? Here you will find a range of resources to support language teaching (French or English). 

British Council online resources for teaching English

The British Council offers a range of free applications and platforms including: Learn English Kids with games and fun online activities for children; Learn English for Teens with games and activities for teenagers; Learn English Adults for adults; Premier Skills for teaching English through football.

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Supporting language learning

The French Ministry of Education offers numerous resources for teaching modern languages. In the case of English, you can consult the Eduscol platform and take inspiration from filmed classes.

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Resources for teaching French

French is the language that is most widely taught in the United Kingdom. The site Parlons français, c'est facile was developed on the initiative of the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Development (l'initiative du Ministère des Affaires Etrangères et du Développement International - MAEDI) to inspire people to learn about French and the wealth of diversity of the French-speaking world.


The Institut Français offers classroom resources in a range of formats - music, posters, education packs - and offers French lessons via the plateform IF Cinema. Through Culturethèque, the Institut Français in the United Kingdom offers cultural resources (films, books, audio extracts).