Our Circular Cultures programme developed in EU aims to promote greater awareness around sustainable design, circularity and making cultures. It aims to embed a more critical dialogue around design and circularity; develop skills and knowledge of making leaders; create new EU networks around sustainability and circularity.

The programme aims to support creative entrepreneurs (designers, makers, architects etc) to develop their practice and skills towards a more sustainable and responsible future.

Forum Design

In 2021 we developed a partnership with Forum Design, to support their 2nd edition taking place in Pays de la Meije in the Alps.

The aim of the Forum is to explore the political, social, economic, and ecological impact of design, with a particular attention brought to the preservation of the planet, the organisation of our society and its power of decision, and innovation.

Aimed at designers, architects, artists, researchers and policy makers, the forum offered three days of talks, debates and performances.

UK artists Anna Dimitriu and Alex May, and Vicky Isley and Paul Smith (Boredom Reseach) were invited to present they work exploring biodiversity and ecosystems through art and digital technologies. They participated remotely through and interview by Zoé Sfez from France Culture. 

Watch the interview with Anna Dimitriu and Alex May

Watch the interview with Vicky Isley and Paul Smith

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