three people in a British Council discussion conversation group

Our Focus on English speaking skills course combines self-study vocabulary exercises and a focus on natural English pronunciation with intensive speaking and listening practice.

Your teacher will design the course depending on your specific needs. You will do a variety of communicative tasks and your teacher will give you advice about how you can improve the fluency and accuracy of your spoken English and your listening comprehension skills.

Take a speaking skills class with the world's English experts and you will: 

  • benefit from a qualified and experienced teacher
  • work in pairs and groups to discuss different topics in authentic situations 
  • improve your pronunciation
  • improve your listening skills.

The course is designed to increase your vocabulary and give you more confidence and control when speaking and listening in English. 

Course information

  • Levels

    Pre-intermediate (A2) to advanced (C1).

  • Location

    In Paris.

  • How to register

    Book a free level test today. Choose a time and come and meet our teachers to do the test

  • Class size

    A maximum of 16 students in a class.

Dates and fees

English language centres Dates Fees
Paris Invalides
14 Sept-23 Jan
25 Jan-19 June
€720 (30hrs)

Course Format

Two hours, once a week.

You can pay in two instalments or by direct debit.