Bilingual children level chart in English for the British Council in France

The English programme for bilingual children and teenagers in Paris takes children from the age of 4 (GSM) to 17 (Terminale). We use the term 'bilingual' to refer to children who use English naturally in their lives, for a wide variety of purposes.

We are committed to providing students with a structured English language learning programme so each student can reach their full potential in a stimulating, rewarding and safe environment.

We believe students learn most effectively when they are engaged, motivated and challenged. We recognise that each student learns and develops at different rates so our courses respect each student’s developmental stage. Our teachers use a range of age-appropriate techniques and resources ensuring the most effective language learning experience.

Students on our bilingual courses:

  • develop, maintain and consolidate English language literary skills in an English speaking environment
  • appreciate a variety of authentic fiction and non-fiction texts
  • develop confidence in biculturalism and the written culture of the English language
  • focus on English literature and reading for language development and for pleasure.

What will my child learn?

These courses focus on developing students' literacy skills in English. They will build their writing skills by improving their grammatical accuracy and understanding of structure. Students will also increase their vocabulary through reading and enjoying a variety of authentic English texts.

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