Improve your English speaking, reading and writing skills through watching videos created by the British Council - the world's English experts.  

Mini English lessons - for adults or teenage learners

Our expert teachers give you tips and tricks to improve your English. Subjects range from tenses, pronunciation, idioms and vocabulary.

Discover the Mini English Lessons series.

Playful videos for children in pre-school.

Learn English with Timmy. Discover a series of videos that will help your child with English in a playful and fun manner.   

The English Channel for adult learners

The English Channel deals with two themes. The first is English language learning and the other is the development of professional skills. The platform is free, however you will need to register in order to benefit from all its resources. 

Using YouTube to help you with learning English

These videos have been specially selected by our expert teachers as they cover a wide range of subjects including science, psychology, entertainment, culture, nature and sport. These videos are designed for learners with an intermediate and advanced English level (CECR B2 - C1).