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English for kids between 5 - 12

LearnEnglish Kids is a fun, educational website for children aged from 5–12. There are online vocabulary and grammar games, songs, stories, videos and a range of activities which focus on developing literacy skills. LearnEnglish Kids also provides teachers and parents with hundreds of free printable resources and a support section for parents who want to help their children learn English outside of the classroom.


English for teens

Are you a teenager learning English or are your teenage children studying English? The LearnEnglish Teens website is designed for 13 to17 year-olds. They can find language practice, tips for exams, grammar and vocabulary, as well as fun activities including videos, games and puzzles.


For English teachers

  • Discover our TeachingEnglish website which includes thousands of pedagogical resources created by our English language teaching experts. It also provides a platform where you can discuss and exchange ideas with other teachers. 
  • LearnEnglish Kids also offers a section for teachers including hundreds of free printable resources.
  • Discover a range of MOOCS which offer teacher training for professionals.


  • Discover our Mini English Lessons series. 19 episodes of mini English lessons you can use during class to help explain standard English grammar, vocabulary and conversation rules.


IELTS candidates

We offer numerous online IELTS preparation tools for IELTS candidates. You can find the information here.

You can also access the following resources: