Frequently asked questions

Find answers to some frequently asked questions about MyClass.

I study with a different teacher every lesson. How can the teachers accurately assess my English ability?

  • All of our teachers have been trained to ensure that they give consistent and standardised assessment results. 
  • The teachers will monitor you and listen carefully to your speaking throughout the lesson. 
  • Therefore, it is important to be aware of the assessment criteria and apply what you've learnt in that particular lesson in your speaking. 
  • If you study regularly and review your lessons at home, your fluency, range of vocabulary and so on, are supposed to improve after a certain number of lessons.
  • Additionally, students should reflect on teachers' feedback after each assessment to plan their coming classes. 
  • If you need further support, you can contact our student advisors for further study advice and support.

I would like to speak to a teacher about my progress. How can I arrange this?

  • Book a myAdvisory appointment with a teacher through the portal
  • This is free of charge
  • The teacher will discuss your needs and objectives with you
  • They will design and send you a Personalised Study Plan to help you make better progress
  • You can book an appointment every 10 lessons. Your appointment may be cancelled if it has been less than 10 lessons  

I enjoy studying with a particular teacher but I can't come to their class regularly. What should I do?

  • We highly encourage students to attend classes with different teachers to learn about different accents from various places in the world as this is  beneficial in building your confidence when conversing with people across cultures.
  • Teachers are changed on a monthly basis so that students can experience different teaching styles. 
  • All of our teachers participate in ongoing training to ensure consistent teaching quality.

I’m used to courses with set dates, a book and one teacher. How is myClass different and is it effective?

  • The course is modular, think of each lesson as a building brick. All the bricks build a wall, or all the lessons a CEFR level
  • Students have the flexibility to chose the lessons that most interest them or to fill a gap in their knowledge
  • We focus on communication and successfully completing authentic tasks. This is called task-based learning (TBL)
  • Lots of well-known English as a Foreign Language coursebooks use TBL. TBL has been around for 40 years. Lessons follow a pattern: Pre-task, task, review
  • This supportive approach means you have the language you need to complete a specific speaking or writing task by the end of the lesson
  • You’ll speak a lot in class; using new expressions and reusing old ones to complete the task. This immediate activation of chunks of language in context builds your confidence and develops your ability faster than learning grammar or isolated vocabulary
  • After the task, the teacher will review where you can improve and there are activities on the portal to further consolidate your learning.

I think I would progress quicker by studying with people in a higher level. When can I expect to be moved up to the next level?

  • Our levels are based on the Common European Framework of Reference, an international standard for language ability and it takes approximately 120 hours to move between levels. 
  • There are differences in various aspects including fluency, pronunciation, range of grammar and vocabulary, and so on. 
  • The quickest way to progress is to make sure you are studying with students at the same level of English as you. 
  • If you study with students at a lower level, you will have to speak more slowly, use simpler words to get your message across. It's not beneficial for your progress. 
  • When you study with students at a higher level, you may feel overwhelmed and demotivated when you cannot catch up with them. 
  • Teachers have different approaches to students at different levels and our materials are graded by levels. 
  • Mixing students at different levels may result in poor performance of students and affect teaching quality.

I did not receive my assessment on my assessment lesson. What should I do?

myClass learners are assessed in or around every 10th lesson. However, please note that:

  • We do not assess in writing lessons so make sure your next lesson is a speaking one to get assessed by our teachers.
  • Your assessment may be delayed if your teacher has a large number of students to assess. You will be assessed in your next lesson.
  • Your assessment should be available on OBS 24 hours after the end of the lesson. After this period, if you don't see your assessment uploaded please contact

Grammar is an important part of language. Task Based Learning doesn’t focus on grammar. How will I learn grammar?

  • Grammar is less important in English compared to French and some other languages. There are no cases. Nouns and articles are not gendered so there are no agreements to make. There is less conjugation and what there is, is very simple. Grammatical words, such as prepositions and auxiliaries, are often swallowed in fluent speech.
  • Lack of complex grammar is one of the reasons English has become a successful global language
  • Grammar is an intrinsic part of what you hear and read. Native speakers learn grammar rules from exposure to language not from learning explicit rules so read and listen lots. Through this you will inevitably notice and copy patterns in the language, improving your accuracy
  • Do not hesitate to ask your teacher questions about meaning, form and use of the language you see and use in lessons
  • There are many grammar lessons online, but structured speaking opportunities are not so easy to find. That’s why we prioritise speaking over grammar in MyClass
  • myClub Language Dr, looks at discrete items of grammar in detail, book through the portal, it’s free!

I cancelled a class but didn’t mean to, I’ve rebooked it but I have still lost a credit. What do I do?

Email so we can recredit you.

I can’t make it to a myClub session any longer. What should I do?

Please cancel your booking so someone else can go.

I would like to introduce a friend to myClass. Is this possible? Are there any rewards?

That’s great! Please email so we can arrange a free trial for your friend and a little something for you if they sign up.

I would like to leave some feedback. How can I do this?

Please complete our questionnaire or send us an email: