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Linguaskill is a range of online English tests available in two versions: General English and Business English which allows to determine the candidate's language proficiency on the CEFR scale from A1 to C1. Designed by Cambridge Assessment English, Linguaskill is a reliable tool to assess English skills in companies and institutions. 

  • Linguaskill General: addresses situations of everyday life, personal and professional, no matter the candidate’s field of work. It is accessible to a wide range of professions because the test content is general. 
  • Linguaskill Business: assesses language skills in real business situations. The topics are related to sales, marketing, people management and other subjects. It is a cost-effective way of assessing communication skills that are needed in the workplace in English. This test is a modern version of the BULATS test. 

Both versions are available in four skills and are modular:

  1. Listening and Reading (1h30), adaptive. 
  2. Speaking (15 minutes)
  3. Writing (45 minutes)

Listening and Reading” is an adaptive test where the system adapts the level of difficulty of test items throughout the test according to the candidate's answers to the previous questions. The test takes approximately 1,5 hours and the results are available immediately.  

"Speaking" is an online test, without a human interaction. Candidates have 15 minutes to complete five parts of the test. Results are available in 48 hours.

"Writing" is an online test to evaluate candidates' ability to write a message (50 words) or an email or report (180 words) in 45 minutes. Results are available in 12 hours.

You can check out the short demos of the tests to get an idea about the format and content of different modules.

All Linguaskill tests correction is automated. Speaking and Writing tests are evaluated using artificial intelligence. You can have more information on how the tests are assessed following this hyperlink.

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Linguaskill Anywhere. We can organise the remote proctored sessions on your behalf. 

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