myClass writing assessment

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Improve your writing skills by receiving feedback on writing activities.  

You can submit your piece of writing for the final writing task up to 7 days after your MyClass lesson.

Our teachers will mark your work and return it to you within approximately 7 days.

How will you get feedback? 

  • Teachers will comment on how you have responded to the writing task. They will highlight strengths and areas you need to improve.
  • Teachers will correct errors in your writing and suggest sentences, words or phrases that sound more natural in English.
  • Not all of your writing will be corrected. Teachers will focus on identifying errors that need to be highlighted at your level of study.

Please note:

  • Only students attending a MyClass writing lesson may submit pieces of writing.
  • Submissions will only be accepted if they are based on the final task from a MyClass lesson. Your piece will need to follow the task guidelines on content and word limit.
  • Decisions on moving you up a level will only be based on your speaking assessments.
  • Students may submit one piece of writing for each lesson. Each piece of writing can only be submitted once.
  • Markers will not be available to answer questions after your writing is returned to you.