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06 octobre 2021 - 16:01


(c)Marcus Wallis. Unsplash.

We are delighted to share our bilingual student's brilliantly imaginative story with you. Emilie was 7 years old when she participated in the 2021 Young Author's Fiction Festival organised by the American Library in Paris and won under the category second grade. Her sister won the fourth-grade award! A talented family of creative writers inspired by nature.

The dog wanted to fly so he demanded to a bird who was perching on a tree. 
I want to fly like you,” said the dog. 
The bird said, “If you want to fly, do like me.”  The bird flapped his wings.
But the dog could not fly.  He needed to have wings.  So, the bird explained how to make wings from clothes and sticks. 
The dog built wings and went with his wings to fly.  But when he was flying, an eagle broke his wings.  
The dog fell into a sea and he met a fish riding on a whale.
He demanded to the fish, “I want to swim like you.”  
The fish said, “If you want to swim, do like me.”  The fish moved his fins.
But the dog could not swim.  He needed to have fins.  So, the fish explained how to make fins from seaweeds.  The dog built fins and went with his fins to swim.  But when he was swimming, a whale came and pushed the dog back to the seashore.  
The fish and the bird came to see the dog. The dog flew with the wings and swam with the fins to be with his two new friends. 
We want to live together, but how?”, said the dog.
The fish had an idea, “Let’s build a multi-functional house!  It will be a house with 3 floors. The top floor is for the bird with a perch to sit on.  The middle floor is for the dog with a dog kennel.  The bottom floor is in the water for me to swim.”
The fish went to see the beavers who lived in the nearby river.  The beavers helped them to build their dream house.  In return, they paid the beavers with woods.  The beavers were very thankful to have woods to make dams.  
Then, the dog, the bird and the fish are happy that all three of them can finally stay together.

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