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17 septembre 2019 - 12:41

University students
University students ©

M. Wright

Planning to study in the UK next year? The British Council shares its know-how on getting the most out of visiting our British Higher Education Fairs.

The UK is the top study destination choice for French students with over 18,000 students every year crossing the Channel to study. Each year the British Council organises a British Higher Education Fair in Paris. Over 9,000 visitors are expected at the exhibitions, from high school students and parents planning ahead to university graduates looking for postgraduate options.

Fairs are an excellent way to narrow down your choices and meet the people representing the institutions face to face. But it is important to prepare your day beforehand.

My five tips for getting the best out of the British Higher Education Fair:

  1. Discuss your options with your parents, friends, teachers and careers advisors before the fair. Are you ready to commit to this subject for three or four years? Where do you want to be in the long term? Will this course help you achieve this objective?
  2. Come prepared. Bring a pen and paper to take notes and write down useful information which may help with your application.
  3. Do your research. Take a look at our webpage to find out about the 21 universities who will be present on the day. Refining your criteria will make it easier to know who to speak to at the fair. Remember that not all universities will offer the subject you may be interested in studying. You may have to wait to speak to each university representative so it is best to decide in advance who you most wish to speak to.
  4. Take the opportunity to ask questions which might not be in the prospectus and which will give you a real feel for the university. You might want to ask about scholarships that are available, course fees, accommodation options or English entry requirements.
  5. If you are interested in a university, find out about their open days and when you can visit. It’s important to see a university campus before you make any final decisions.

Useful information

Visit our free online portal Study UK to find information about studying in the UK.