Manuels pour les cours d'anglais au British Council
Photo by Clarissa Watson on Unsplash ©

Photo by Clarissa Watson on Unsplash

 See here the books your child needs for the beginning of the school year. In each list you will see details of a bookshop which supplies the books. 

If your child's level or class is not listed below, the British Council will supply the pedagogical resources for your child. 

Course dates are also provided in the drop-down menu below.

Course dates

English as Foreign Language section

For secondaries

  • level A2 (seconde à la terminale)
  • FCE (First) (quatrième à la terminale)
  • CAE (Advanced) (quatrième à la terminale)
  • CPE (Proficiency)  (quatrième à la terminale)

Bilingual section

  • Please find the booklist for the Bilingual Section. Please purchase all the texts before the start of classes in September. University Preparation students will see that there is also a book to be read during the Summer.

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