Cours d'anglais pour les enfants en primaire au British Council

Learn about the wide range of activities our young learners do in class as well as the various extra-curricula ones we offer.

Many of these activities will be suggested by your child's teacher during the year and you will be informed in due course.

Early years




  • October - May: Reading Challenge (all levels)
  • November: Poetry by heart (BL9) 
  • December: Bookmark competition (Primary)
  • December: Winter themed exhibition (check out the images)
  • January: Young Author's Fiction Festival (all levels)
  • February: Lego project (BL7)
  • February: Study UK online fair (Uni Prep Première) 
  • March: Outreach project (BL11)
  • March: Connecting Cultures Penfriend Project (BL12)
  • April: Tudor Day (BL10)
  • April: Public speaking competition (IGCSE1)
  • April: Debating championship (Uni Prep) 
  • May : Guest Speaker (Uni Prep)
  • May: Shakespeare performances (BL13)