Students at Collège George Sand from the Grenoble area in France and students at Haygrove School worked for a year on a cross-curricular project encompassing geography (environment, geology) and history (legend of King Arthur and the Round Table).

During the visit to France, groups of students produced a film giving feedback about the benefits of the exchange and they also captured the epic (bilingual!) rowing session they all took part in on Lake Annecy.

Video no longer available

Throughout the exchange, students in both schools became much more autonomous, confident and open-minded.

'I loved this exchange.  We went on some amazing trips.  It was interesting working with Haygrove, learning English, finding out about lessons that we don't have in France, wearing the uniform. I had a lot of fun with my exchange partner and her family. I am thrilled to have been able to go on this exchange.' (Coline, George Sand)

Teachers also got a lot out of the partnership by taking the time to observe the classes and teaching practices of their colleagues and returning to their school with new lesson ideas: 

'The history teacher who spent a week Haygrove was able to compare the different approaches and practices. She noticed that written work is less important than other skills such as problem-solving, team work, research and creativity. She is in the process of thinking about another marking system to take into account these skills. She has also put in place certain practices; for example, role-play in a sequence on the First World War - students play British soldiers, German soldiers, journalists etc.'