The British Council commemorates the centenary of the First World War 

As part of the commemorations of the centenary of the First World War, the British Council is leading a series of events and projects in arts, education and society. 

More information about these events will soon be posted here.

British Council France supported the work of British photographer Chloe Dewe-Matthews in the exhibition 'Fusillés pour l'exemple - Les fantômes de la République' at Hôtel de Ville in Paris (exhibition closed in March 2014). 

Football Remembers - Education pack for English teachers

The Football Remembers education pack for teachers is designed to offer support and resources for pupils learning about the Truce events that took place around Christma 1914, during the First World War. 

The pack contains original accounts as well as activities for developing knowledge, skills and understanding across a number of curriculum areas. These can be used in individual lessons and assemblies or form part of larger cross curriculum projects over a number of subjects. You could also use it to inspire a really good Anglo-French school partnership project.
The activities are aimed primarily at pupils aged 9-14 but can be adapted to suit older or younger audiences studying significant historical events and people from their own locality.
The education pack also acts as preparation for a mass participation event in December 2014. Clubs from the Premier League, Football Association and Football League, as well as community clubs and schools, will all play football matches to commemorate the Truce.

We hope your school will select from these activities and adapt the suggestions and resources for your own use and join in this special Centenary event. 

Go to Schools Online to download the Football Remembers education pack and get your young people working together. UK schools can also enter a competition to design a memorial to the football truce.

British Council survey looks at global scale of the First World War

The British Council's report on the First World War, 'Remember The World As Well As The War', presents findings from an international survey in seven countries (Egypt, France, Germany, India, Turkey, Russia and the UK) carried out by YouGov.

It explores people's perceptions and knowledge about the First World War and highlights the truly global nature of the conflict and its lasting legacy.

The report also identifies that international perceptions of the UK today are, in part, still influenced by Britain's role in the First World War.

With this report, the British Council calls on the world to use the centenary commemorations to create a better understanding of the global nature of the war – recognising its ongoing impact on trust and understanding between the UK and countries around the world.

 Some of the results from France are:

  • 38% overall rate the First World War as one of their top three most important international events of the past 100 years.
  • 67% overall feel that France is still affected by the consequences of the First World War.
  • 26% overall have a positive opinion of the UK; 28% state that Britain’s role in the First World War has a positive effect on their opinion of the UK.
  • 89% overall feel that the First World War should be commemorated
  • Most frequent word associations with the First World War: death / trenches / hairy (poilus) / battle of Verdun / horror / gas / Germany / butchery / massacre / war / unnecessary

Download a copy of the report 'Remember The World As Well As The War' in English, or it is now also available in French (this report is no longer available).

Listen to 'The War That Changed The World' on BBC World Service

This British Council and BBC World Service series looks at the impact of the war from around the world. 

Each of the ten episodes of The War That Changed The World will be recorded in a different country (Germany, the United Kingdom, Turkey, France ...) and on a different theme, with an audience of local people and a panel of historians from that country.

At each event a leading cultural figure will read a specially commissioned essay on the subject, whether it is nationalism, imperialism, revolution, psychology or belief. Local audiences - with their questions, family histories and points of view - will be involved in the broadcast throughout.

Listen to The War The Changed The World online.


Photo on the landing page and homepage: members of the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps playing hockey in France (National Library of Scotland on Flickr, Creative Commons).

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