Mat Wright

Are you on the lookout for interesting activities and themes to explore with your partner school? There are a great many resources and lesson plans to choose from on the Schools Online database. Depending on whether you are looking for starter activities or you want to develop and deepen your partnership, whether you prefer specific or universal themes, for use in primary or secondary schools, we have something for you!

The ' Classroom resources database'

This database which has been developed to support schools committed to international learning, offers a range of activities and lesson plans categorised by theme, by age and by key word.

To help your students to gain an even deeper perspective during partner exchange projects, some themes have been explored in more depth. In our database you will find comprehensive education packs on Charles Dickens, the First World War, the climate, sport, theatre, citizenship and more, all to be explored using a cross-curriculum approach. 

Visit the page Classroom Resources for teachers.


eTwinning the European platform devised to promote school exchanges based on new communication technologies also offers a wealth of ideas and cross-curricular resources.